Vision and Emotion are Tools for Creation

At Plexus 2017, the visual, the intellectual, the creative and the practical are all part of turning Ideas into Action with Barb Siegel and other Catalysts! Join us to see how it happens.

Connecting individual and collective experiences during Plexus 2017 demands more than traditional graphic recording.  Visual Practitioner Barb Siegel of will co-create an experience that allows participants to “see their feelings.”  Barb understands how Vision and Emotion are intertwined and will help participants explore the practice of communicating internally with feelings and externally through images to generate new ideas.

Barb is a registered architect and award winning artist who also attended the AU/NTL program in organization development and  studied neurocognition.  All these skill sets are applied to her graphic recording.  Knowledge of organization development practice enhances her ability to listen on multiple levels to what is happening in the room.  She respond to words, emotions, who is speaking, and language style.

As an architect, she listens to the structure of a conversation and help participants see both immediate information and the big picture, applying systems thinking to the mural.  Complex issues become more understandable when they are defined at multiple levels. As an artist, she relies on a large set of icons she can quickly draw  — she recognizes that “a good idea captures complex issues in one go.”